While the rest of America experienced Electronic Benefit Transfer card problems today folks in Missouri were just fine.

Just imagine what It'd be like to go grocery shopping with your EBT card, only to find out at the checkout that they stopped working..luckily not the case here in Springfield, but for 17 other states, it was a rough day.

"There were signs everywhere in the stores, saying we were no long accepting EBT and stuff like that so me being on food stamps, he actually text me and was finding out if I was aware of that" says father of three Gabriel Fain.

Fain got a text from a friend in Georgia earlier today saying that some grocery stores in Georgia were not accepting EBT cards. All because Xerox, the company that handles the transactions said that they were having problems, that it's an error and that they're working on getting everything back up and running.

"We've got numerous emails this morning, just throughout Hy-Vee land that Iowa and Illinois specifically are completely down on EBT, so they're battling with that right now, thus far it has not affected us" says manager of store operations at Hy-Vee Tim Seibert.

Seibert says that luckily, no problems here so far.

"I've personally checked people out, we've had them all day and we haven't had any issues yet" says Seibert.

But Fain says that just to be prepared he stocked up on groceries for his family.

"I went and I spent, basically every dime I had to make sure we had what we could, just trying to do some smart shopping" says Fain.

"Be patient it's out of the stores control, when it comes up they'll let them know but we've got to deal with it until then, unfortunately" says Seibert.

Xerox says that it all happened during a routine back-up check this morning and that they're working through the outage to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.