For many, more medical, dental, mental, nutrition and preventative services in one place is unheard of. For Sarak Hoogendoorn, it's a reason she chooses The Fordland Clinic.

"One thing that we really love here is that we can get right in and at an urgent care we've gone and had to wait hours and that's not really convenient for us especially when you have a sick crying little one who has a fever, that's never really any fun to wait in the lobby for two hours" says Hoogendoorn.

With a popular demand for services the center is busting at the seems and now through the neighborhood assistance program the clinic will receive $500,000 dollars of tax credits. That money means more than doubling in size. Offering more dental offices, a larger waiting room, three exam rooms per every physician and more space to work in, in general.

"This is a case where they are putting infrastructure to something we couldn't do, we couldn't afford the dept to expand and yet we've outgrown the facility here, it's impeding our ability to see patients and especially as we do more and more prevention and we have more and more support staff to back up those preventative services, we just need more space" says executive director and nurse practitioner Robert Marsh.

The clinic saw between five and six thousand people last year for more than 15,000 different cases, a reason why a clinic that offers everything, is really needed in this area.

"I think you saw a tour through here and saw how we are cramming two people in one work space and just running out of room and being able to take care of patients is what we are here for and being able to do it better and more efficiently and hopefully with more people having insurance and more people having access to preventative care , we should even be accelerating our growth rate" says Marsh.

"we know they do a lot for the community and so we really love that and we just love that they provide lots of things for them" agrees Hoogendoorn.

The clinic is always accepting donations.

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