While some are currently out of work due to the government shutdown, a local business is trying to make the time pass a little easier by offering free entertainment.

"We might have to come back tomorrow for sure, I mean it's pretty cool" says Sharon Boone.

On a rainy afternoon Sharon Boone, her daughter and friends were driving around looking for something fun to do, a relaxing time that Boone hasn't really had since the government shutdown.

"Well I work for the federal government, I work for the internal revenue service, which a lot of people really don't care that we're furloughed but I was off most of the week Tuesday through Friday and we really don't know when we're going to go back to work yet, so it was a little stressful this week" says Boone.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time because Battlefield Lanes just started offering two free games for those furloughed government employees.

"They're depending on that pay check to pay check and it's not just about the money too it's about the time spent, I mean they're usually filling their time at work, I imagine they're a bit bored, so why not fill that boredom out here at Battlefield Lanes" says general manager J.R. Huyck.

"Well we were just out for the afternoon trying to find something to do and we decided to go bowling and we walked in and we saw the sign that if you're a federal employee there's free bowling today, so I said cool"

As of Saturday morning the House is saying the furloughed workers will get reimbursed for their time, although it's not clear what the Senate will agree, the White House does backs the legislation. Although Boone is thankful for the day of fun she says she can't wait to get back to the job she loves.

"I just want to go back to work, just pass the budget so we can go back to work, I'd rather get paid for working than get back pay for not being able to work, so let me go back to work" says Boone.

The manager of the bowling alley says the two free games will be offered to the furloughed workers until the government shutdown is over.