We all know filing income tax returns every year can be a challenge, especially if you're doing it by yourself.  The University of Missouri Extension Service can help some people who can't afford to have someone else file for them.

VITA, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, helps folks file returns for free.  The process is easy.  Just take your photo identification, your Social Security card, and all of your tax documents to a VITA site.  The only requirement is that it's specifically for low to moderate income people.  Someone from a group of AmeriCorps volunteers does it all for you.

"We started doing taxes in 2011 and we did maybe about 77.  With our partnership with AmeriCorps, we grew.  So the following year we helped around 500 to 700 people. This year hopefully we're expected to grow even more." said Shatomi Luster, MU Extension Financial Education Specialist.

The tax returns are filed electronically by VITA.


More information on the VITA program through MU Extension Service.

The Springfield-Greene County Library Center in south Springfield will host a free VITA session on Saturday, April 12.   Other VITA sessions are at other places.

Students in the Missouri State University School of Accountancy also participate in the VITA program.  Its website has times when its clinics are open.