A feud has ensued between two neighbors over the shooting of a pet dog, and the mysterious disappearance of the animal’s remains.

Seymour-area resident Sherry Huffman would describe her mastiff mix, Trooper, as a buddy and a big teddy bear.

“Trooper was a wonderful dog,” Sherry said.  “The only thing that would hurt you with was his tail thumping you when he wagged his tail," she joked.

Sherry said she raised her dog from the time he was a puppy. But, the morning of Christmas would her last with Trooper.

“I had let my dogs out to go to the bathroom about 10 am,” she recalled.  “I heard two shots.  I never dreamed that the shots I heard that morning were going into my dog.”

Sherry says her next-door neighbor shot her dog.

“I just don’t know why someone would do something that malicious and just murder an animal,” explained Sherry.

The wife of that neighbor said she was there when her husband shot the dog.

“We felt the dog needed to be taken down immediately!  It wasn’t a dog we have seen; it didn’t have a collar; it was attacking our dog, and we have five kids to protect,” stated April Kimball.

April says the dog growled at her husband when he tried to ‘shoo’ it away.  They believe shooting the animal was completely justifiable.

“A dog like that- you are not going to get off of your kid. It would kill a kid,” April exclaimed. “And I don’t know about anybody else. But, I love my kids pretty darn much. And my husband felt the same way!”

However, Sherry disputes April’s claim that her dog would have acted viciously. 

“This was a very mild-demeanor dog. He did not have a mean bone in his body anywhere.”

Webster County sheriff’s deputies were called to help sort out the situation.  April says her husband was told to place the dog near the road (public property) so Sherry could get him.  Sherry said she drove to the spot and saw Trooper’s body.

“My dog had his shoulder blown out,” Sherry stated.  “We took the pictures of him because of the intensity of the wound.”

However, Sherry knew she couldn’t fit the large dog into her car’s trunk.  That’s when she decided to go back home to get her pickup truck.  It’s what she found- or didn’t find- when she returned that made things all the worse for her.

“The body was gone.  Trooper's body was gone,” Sherry said.  “Where is he? What has he [the neighbor] done with him? If what you did was OK…why would you do that? Why would you take his body off?”

April admits her husband killed the dog, but says they do not have the dog’s remains.

“I mean, we have no need for that. We just did what we was asked [by the deputies],’ April explained. “We assumed she [Sherry] got it.  This is the first I have heard of her not getting it.”

So, it seems nobody knows where Trooper's remains went.  It’s a mystery that makes it harder for Sherry to move on.

“There is no closure.  There is no closure when you don't have him to bury. We got to have some place for him to rest,” she said.

Webster County Sheriff Roy Cole said investigators are looking over the facts, and hope to come up with some sort of a resolution that brings justice and peace between the neighbors.