With summer break underway, there aren’t a lot of students on campus of Missouri State University.  But, those who are here are getting a front row seat to the construction game going on.

“That is going to be great, great fun.  I am going to go to every home game this year,” stated David Sears.

The university is completely rebuilding half of it’s Robert Plaster Sports Complex football stadium.  The new eastern side of the field includes a new 4,000 stadium seating area.  Included will be concessions, locker rooms, and a party patio.

“It is a major, major upgrade for us,” stated Ken McClure, Vic President of Administrative and Information Services. “The east bleachers, which have been here for years and years were not good.  We wanted to make a change for a long time.”

Also under construction are a new soccer and track stadium, along with field hockey and outdoor volleyball facilities.

A rainy spring has delayed things, creating quite the crunch as crew hustle to get things open in time for school to start.  The university says most of the athletic projects will be done in time for school to start in August, including the new football turf. However, the stadium seating area won’t be done quite yet.

“We are shooting for this field, for the first football game, with is September 13th. And, we are confident that it will be ready,” said McClure.

Construction of the new facilities is being funded by a student fee, which was voted on and approved by the student body itself.