There's one place in the Ozarks where the story of Jesus plays out several nights a week.

The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is doing some revamping for its 2014 season.

Many faithfuls are celebrating the empty tomb, and the stone rolled away this weekend.  Folks at The Great Passion Play say what better time for them to talk about their upcoming season than on Good Friday.  They say it was in 2012 that they themselves needed a re-birth to sustain the amphitheater.  Now, they are seeing more growth than they have in decades.

Organizers have shortened the play depicting the life of Jesus down to an hour and 45 minutes.  They've also added more of Jesus' miracles into the play, and added special effects.  They say the story stays true to the Scriptures, yet is more relevant to today.

After major difficulties two years ago, they decided to only do 80 performances per season rather than 110, and that saved them a lot of money, and increased average attendance by 30-percent.
"My message would be on this Good Friday that people would remember that through the sacrifice and love that Jesus had, we can all live a great life, that we can have hope, and that's why the Christ of the Ozarks exists, and that's why The Great Passion Play exists is to lift up Jesus, because he truly is the greatest hope that the world has ever known," said Kent Butler.
The Great Passion Play kicks off it's 47th season in Eureka Springs on May 2.  They've also dropped the ticket prices in hopes of luring more people to the attraction-- starting at 25 dollars for adults.  You can find ticket information and the show schedule at