A major milestone is happening in the efforts to rebuild parts of Branson damaged by the Leap Day 2012 tornado.

They’re filling every shelf full of food.  It’s hard work for sure, but stocking is the easy part compared to what’s been going on at the new Price Chopper supermarket for the past few months.

“We knew we would get here. You’ve got to be able to look out and see what you want to accomplish and go towards that goal,” explained co-owner Drew Rhodes.

After 20 months of demolition, planning, and construction, the new supermarket is ready to reopen.  It’s one of the last places to be rebuilt following the Leap Day 2012 tornado.

“We are really excited about getting in that check stand and ringing a customer up.  And we will take it from there,” Drew said.

This tidiness of the aisles is a far cry from what you would have seen after the tornado hit the place, known as Jubilee Foods then.

“It was devastating.  We had what we thought was a great facility destroyed.  But we quickly turned to, hey- we have an opportunity to build something new here,” explained Ron.

The owners say it’s a step up from the old facility.  It has a wider food selection, wider aisles, café, and a new name.  About the only thing missing now are the shoppers.   They’ll be welcomed back later this week.

“You can come in and buy all the groceries you want after that- the more the better. We look forward to serving the community. We really do,” said co-owner Ron Rhodes.

The grand opening for the store, located on Highway 76, is set for this Friday morning at 9:00am.