Day by day, shoppers file in and out of big box stores, the marts, and the malls.  There used to be at least two days a year we could count on a break.  Now, there is just one.


Forget waiting for Black Friday to find your holiday bargains.  Many retailers will be open Thanksgiving Day, hoping to get a head start on their holiday profits.


“It’s just too ‘hustle-bustle’ and commercialized now,” stated Cassandra Rawls of Springfield.


Brooke Urich, who was shopping at Primrose Marketplace, was one of the many people not too enthused about the idea


“The point of Thanksgiving is to spend time with family, but people now are so focused on getting to the stores and getting deals and making sure they get what they want,” she said.


This year, Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, Kohl's, and Target will be opening on Thanksgiving.


At Battlefield Mall, Sears, JCPenny, and Macys had already announced they'd have their doors open Thanksgiving.  Now, mall management has decided to open all 150 stores there.


Some, however, are excited about getting an extra jump on their bargain buying.


“I think it's awesome, stated Tony Thompson of Springfield.  “It is a good chance for everybody to do their shopping if need be.”



Most of the retailers opening on the holiday are doing so later in the evening, allowing a few hours for people to spend around the dinner table.