It's as easy as clicking a vote button, you can vote ten times a day and it helps the district greatly. And what will voting get them?  $25,000 thousand dollars.

That money would be used to buy emergency backpacks for every classroom and safety tubes for every students desk. Inside the containers include useful items like a weather radio, bandaids, water and whistles. Useful items for when a disaster strikes.

If the school wins the money, it would equip 5 area schools completely, a reason why they are also fundraising on their own. Manager of Health Services Jean Grabeel says with all the recent disasters, it's important for everyone to be prepared and ready.

"There have been more disasters more times where there have been tornadoes, all we have to do is think about Joplin, or Oklahoma, or even in Atlanta during the winter time whenever there was ice and children were left at school over night", says Grabeel.

Remember, you can vote ten times a day through tomorrow night.

If you're interested in helping out by voting, click here.