An iconic college campus is on the market in north Springfield.  This August marks the second year of consolidation for Central Bible College, and Assemblies of God put the property up for sale this weekend.

"It has dormitories, a chapel, it has classrooms, administration building, gymnasium, a ball field," said George Wood, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God.

The campus that was known for decades as Central Bible College includes more than 66 sprawling acres.  Established some 90 years ago, the college recently closed as part of a three-school merger.

'For sale' signs went up at the property on North Grant Avenue at Norton Roac over the weekend.  The listing does not disclose a specific price.

"The legacy of Central Bible College is in the people; that's where the real focus is," Wood said on Monday.

Wood said the decision to consolidate CBC and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary with Evangel University was not an easy one.

"I realize there's an emotional attachment to places, but it came time we needed to move on and to provide a better learning environment," he said.

Over the years, Wood said, the student population decreased at Central Bible.  He hopes another institute of higher learning might be able to use the campus.

"It would be really ideal if another university or institution that services young people were to find that as a hospitable home for them," Wood said.

The CBC campus is just east of the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds.  Aaron Owen, the director of the Ozark Empire Fair, said Monday the organization has no interest in purchasing the property. 

Mark Miller, a spokesman for Ozarks Technical Community College, said the college also is not interested in the CBC property.

More information about the historic campus and its official listing is online.