When it comes to the safety of our kids, many are willing to go the extra mile.
In the last few years the Hollister School District has been doing everything they can, to help.

"We started with our two FEMA safe rooms, with all of the weather events we have in south west Missouri", says Chris Ford, Assistant Superintendent.

After that all the front entrance doors to the schools, as well at the secretary offices received bullet proof glass. The district also pays to have a full time Hollister police officer patrolling the campus. In case of an emergency does take place, all the outside doors are numbered, for first responders.

For says, "when we say you need to come to door number three at the high school, they know exactly what door to come to and they have a map there with them and it will show them, that building".

With all of the districts new improvements it makes it virtually inaccessible for anyone to enter the buildings, great features for the school to have with all the school shootings we've had across the nation.

Ford says, "when Sandy Hook event happened that really made us start thinking how can we really upgrade our safety and security within the school district".

Ford says that besides teaching, safety is most important thing when it comes to the children of Hollister.

The bill for the safety improvements hit a half-million dollars.