One small hospital is taking some large steps.

It's a huge undertaking for any provider to connect with the uninsured. It's an even bigger challenge for smaller hospitals with people in remote areas. Thanks to a grant, Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar is on a mission to make sure everyone has the chance to enroll.

Lance Hoelscher works hard and so do his customers at C and M Farm Supply near Bolivar.

Still times are tough in these remote areas of Polk County.

"A lot of the smaller farms are gone.  A lot of the hobby farmers are gone it seems like," he said.

Hoelscher is trying to stay ahead, but just like nearly 20 percent of the people in Polk County, he doesn't have insurance.

He's hasn't made up his mind if he'll signup.

"I've read into it some, but I don't know enough. It sounds like a good idea. It would be nice if everyone could be insured, but if you can't afford it, you can't afford it," said Hoelscher.

Citizens Memorial Hospital has a plan to inform folks like Hoelscher in these rural areas.

Within the next few months, Certified Application Counselors will be hosting meetings at schools, community rooms and senior centers.

"You are not obligated to purchase health insurance right there. Our goal is to get you through the marketplace and see what you are eligible for and then think about it," said Eran Dawson with CMH.

CMH is one of only four hospitals in the state to get the grant from the office of Rural Health Policy.