It has been a spooky tradition for more than three decades.

Every year when the leaves fall to the ground, the Hotel of Terror gets down to the serious business of startling, scaring, and spooking people.

The creepy cast of characters, though, are waking from their usual slumber during the off season for a special Spring scare.

"We're opening May 2 and May 3, which will be a first in 35 years," said the hotel's owner Sterling Mathis.

It's called the Summer Scare Halfway to Halloween. It's the first time the haunted mansion has been opened outside of the Halloween season.

The proceeds from the event will help fight a real monster: cancer. Mathis has a personal reason to take on this cause.

That reason is his older brother Kimber Mathis.  "I think about him everyday," said Mathis. "Taught me how to hunt when I was a kid."

Kimber passed away about a year ago after a 31/2 battle with lymphoma.

Now Mathis wants to do what he can to help anyone else from losing a brother or loved one to the disease.

"People are getting it younger and younger," he said. "And, you know, for no reason, healthy people are just all of the sudden they've got cancer. There's got to be a reason and a way to stop it."

The Hotel of Terror, 334 N. Main, will be open on Friday and Saturday on May 2nd and 3rd.  It's from 7p.m. To 1a.m. both nights; admission is $11 and the proceeds will be given to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

In addition to the haunted house, there will be kid-friendly movies early in the evenings and horror movies later for adults in the evenings.