FORSYTH, Mo. (edited news release) -

Two hunters on Monday found what they believed to be human remains in a wooded area off Wilderness Road north of Forsyth.  They reported it to the Taney County Sheriff's Department about 7:20 p.m.  When deputies arrived, the hunters took them about a quarter of a mile into the timber off Wilderness Road.

Deputies located the skeletal remains of a human.  It appears as if the remains have been here for a few years.  The area was secured and the scene processed.

By noon Tuesday, all evidence had been recovered from the area.  The remains will now be sent for identification.

In 2006, Matthew Needham of Fredericktown was reported missing from this area.  He was last reported to be walking in the area of Wilderness Road after the car in which he was riding caught fire on Casey Road.  Dental records for Mr. Needham are being sent to the Taney County Sheriff’s Department for comparison.