For some, losing  a pet can be extremely difficult. For Courtney Smith putting down her dog Buddy wasn't easy, but with the help of in home euthanasia, her whole family felt more comfortable.

"He really loved to chase horse and he really had a sweet face which considering he was a rottweiler people think they are really scary but he really was a sweet boy" says Smith.

Veterinarian Meda McClure owner of Greener Pastures and Home Pet Euthanasia says putting your pet down at home versus in an office can make your pet feel more at ease. It also might be easier on you. It is a very quick and painless process, Dr. McClure can even help with after care preparations and offer grief support.

"They are in their own setting, they are a lot more comfortable, there are not a lot of smells, the noise, the sterile environment of the vet office, so we are just more comfortable, less pain involved with getting into the car if they are mobile and a lot of times we have clients that can't move big dogs" says McClure.

"If people are really attached to their pets than that might be nicer for them rather than taking them to the vets office and kind of just leaving their animals there" says Shannon Shellner.

While losing a loved one is never easy, this service lets your little friends go, in the comfort of their own home.

"I would say definitely consider it because the pet being at home and being in their most comfortable environment, it's really worth the extra fee it might cost for her to come out just knowing that they don't have that extra anxiety" says Smith.

The only cost difference is the house call.

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