We've all probably done it at one point in our life or another, especially as a kid when playing cowboys and Indians or a police officer.  But nowadays many children are getting in trouble when they hold their hands up like a gun.

State representative Mike Kelley of Lamar says he is backing a bill that just passed through the House.  Allowing kids to use their food, pens or even hands to simulate the shape of a gun.   However children would still be disciplined if they cause a disruption to the class, or are harmful toward themselves or others.

"You've had situations where kids have been suspended from school from pointing a finger at their friend, we've seen kids suspended for chewing a pop tart into the shape of what happened to look like a gun, there's a situation in Chicago where a kid realized he brought a toy gun to school, realized it was in his backpack, went to the principal and said, I'm sorry I didn't realize this, turned it into school and they suspended him", says the shocked Kelley.

Representative Kelley says that if revisions are made and if the Senate passes the bill, it will go into affect in August, right around when school starts.