Attorney General Chris Koster says Missouri produces one point seven billion eggs each year. About 540 million of those eggs currently go to California.

But, California is putting new rules in place next year. The rules require cages large enough for egg-laying hens to stand and spread their wings. Missouri's Attorney General says making all Missouri farmers comply with California cage standards would cost farmers $120 million dollars in upgrades.

Now, The Senior Policy Director for Farm Sanctuary is weighing in on this battle with an editorial in the L-A Times. He spoke to us via Skype and says California's Cage standards are humane standards.

"He is wasting taxpayer money and he is apparently doing it to ingratiate himself with big agriculture", says Bruce Friedrich.

Missouri's Attorney General says this is a case of California trying to impose standards on other states.The Farm Sanctuary policy director says California's cage law does not discriminate because, it applies to in-state and out of state egg production.

Farm Sanctuary estimates the cost to consumers at 12-15 cents per dozen eggs.