OZARK, Mo. -

Great music, home style cooking makes for a great place where food and families come together. Of course Lambert's Café is known mostly for their famous throwed rolls.

"They usually say hot rolls and I throw it at them", says roll thrower Cody Atwell.

But a tradition you might not know about, maybe one of the most important ones.

"Several years ago Norman Lambert was out in the dining room working one day and he decided, he came back to the kitchen and there was a family in with a wheel chair out on the floor and he came back in the kitchen and he said you know we don't realize how it affects us, everybody, how much struggle, you've got to put yourself in their shoes", says general manager Andy Mills.

Since then folks that come in with a wheel chair have been getting their meals for free.

More than 45 years ago my papa Bob was in a motorcycle accident that paralyzed him from the chest down.Now just this last week when we came into Lambert's for lunch, little did we know we'd be leaving with a free meal.

The café serves about two thousand people a day and about a handful of those leave with their meals paid for. Mills says that, "everyday our policy is, if you bring your own chair, your meal is on us".

A gracious offer, that my family is extremely thankful for.

This year marks Lambert's 20th anniversary in Ozark and ever since it opened it's been giving out a free meal for those who bring in their own chair.