Lanterns light up the sky above Willard tonight as the community remembers a young life cut short.

18-year old Steeler Seaburn was hit and killed by a car back in 2012, and the person responsible is still on the loose.

Each year the Seaburn family hosts a community lantern release in memory of the teen. Former classmates, parents, and friends meet at Jackson Street Park in Willard to send-off lanterns and share memories of Steeler.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol hasn't released any new information about what happened the night Steeler was killed while walking along Farm Road 94 just north of Highway 160.

Family friends say Steeler's absence is felt every single day, and events like the lantern release serve as a reminder that many people care, and won't rest until they get answers.

"I think there will always remain hope. To my knowledge as of now there are no answers, no conclusions but we will always remain hopeful," said Chris Mittenberger, a close family friend to the Seaburns.

"It’s a good thing to get together and remember what he’s done. It’s sad and bittersweet. There are still no answers," added Steelers friend and former teammate Thomas Massengale.

The latest data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows the number of pedestrian traffic fatalities in the US is on the rise. There were more than 4,000 reported in 2011.