If you haven't filed your taxes yet, you might want to think about getting them done today.

"Well the phone rings off the wall, we had, Thursday and Friday was really busy, Saturday was really busy with people picking up their tax returns who had already completed those and today the phone is ringing with people asking can you get me an appointment or can you file me an extension, that kind of thing", says CPA Betty Campbell.

"Well I'm a last minute person, I've been very busy hustle hustling with family and kids", says last minute filer Arlene Stewart.

For Stewart the 14th of April isn't too late to go and get her taxes done at C&M Tax and Accounting Services in Nixa. She says, "normally about the first or second week of April, we've just had a lot of things going on with vacationing and things of that sort this year, so I'm just a little bit late this year".

CPA Bill Brandt says he too sees an increase in last minute filers.

"This year because we've had such a hard winter and the weather as just turned here recently it's like wow wake up it's time to get our taxes done, so that is kind of what has happened this year, the other thing is, we've just got our fair share of procrastinators, it's part of life, some people are eager beavers and some just want to wait till the last minute", says Brandt.

Campbell says a perk if you go to an accountant, "we have three days to fix it and without anyone getting a penalty for it".

That penalty, about 4% a reason why if you haven't already, you might want to get your taxes done today.

Many accountants are still taking appointments. You may also file for an extension, but if you owe Uncle Sam, you will pay a penalty if you're late