"Congrats, your prize has been reserved.  Please proceed to event headquarters during event times to claim your price.  Be sure to bring your invitation along with a valid photo ID."

Those words are spoken by a machine, and claim you've won a lot of money. Imagine being told you'd just won $855,000 and a 2014 Mercedes Benz.  That was the case for Marsha Clark.

"Then he asked, 'What's your name?' and then I said, 'You're delivering a prize to you don't know who?'"

The thing is, Clark's cell phone number isn't listed.  In fact, she and her husband make sure not to give it out to anyone.

The man on the phone told Clark to call another number, enter in a code and claim her prize.  Along the way, they asked for more and more information, like her address.

"So then I got on the computer and looked up Publishers Clearinghouse scams, and they say on their site that they don't call in advance, which I thought, 'Why would people be standing there acting surprised if someone told them they were coming?'' said Clark.

TJ Loudis with the Better Business Bureau  says these scams are common at this time of year.

"Don't fall for sending them any money up front because then that tells you they are not the true Publishers Clearinghouse.  They hit at this time of year because that's when all of the Publishers Clearinghouse contests are going on," said Loudis.

Clark had the name of the person calling her, Richard Brown, and several numbers. She turned all of that information over to the real Publisher's Clearinghouse.

"You'd like to be that person on TV that is jumping up and down and just won a million dollars but the likelihood is about as good as getting struck by lightning," said Clark.

The Better Business Bureau office in Springfield says it has not received any official complaints about this scam, but have received about six calls regarding this issue.  They say, if you do receive one of these calls, to contact the Attorney General's office. The BBB says the calls originate from an 876 area code, which is the area code for Kingston, Jamaica.

The Osage Beach Police Department said three weeks ago that it had reports about the scam and warned its residents to be wary.