The Library Center in Springfield has added a new convenience to it's list of services.

"We are now offering passports," said Jim Schmidt, Associate Library Director.

Beginning Monday, June 9th you can go to the Library to apply for this government issued form of ID that's required when traveling internationally.

"One of the first things they would need to do is go to travel.state.gov that website has information concerning the forms they will need to fill out and identification," said Schmidt.

"We will also have those forms on site but they will need to bring 2 other forms of ID and then fill out the appropriate paperwork," he explained.

After that you can get your picture taken by library staff members and they will send your application to the US Department of State that same day. Prior to this the post office was the only place locally to apply for a passport.

"We have more ample hours of operation so we are offering the service from 8:30 in the morning until 8:30pm Monday through Saturday and from 1:00pm until 4:30 pm on Sunday so that gives people the opportunity to come in during evening and weekends to go through the application process," said Schmidt.

Library staff members say the availability of other key resources like travel books makes the library truly a one stop shop for almost all things travel related.

"Not only can you apply for a passport in addition you have the ability to learn a language through Mango language which is one of our databases, we also have travel videos and travel books so it can help someone all the way through the process," said Schmidt.

"Even if they want to use an online booking service we have computer access available and Wi-Fi available so this truly is a one stop shop," he added.

An appointment isn't required to use the service. Your passport is usually mailed to you in four-to-six weeks.