Over at the Headache Care Center, local doctors are working to find a cure.

Severe throbbing, eye pain, one sided head pain, sensitivity to light or sound or even nausea, symptoms migraine sufferers know all too well.

Now some good news, new studies are showing promise in easing the pain. The Headache Care Center in Springfield is conducting studies that could lead to a cure.

"One of the most exciting breakthrough's that we hearing a lot right now is actually the monochromatic antibodies against a chemical in the body called CGRP or calcitonin gene-related peptide, now this CGRP is really the central chemical we believe in causing a migraine", says Director Roger Cady.

The solution is simple, a shot. Doctors have been able to create a human antibody to the CGRP so that when given through a shot, your migranes go away. Over the course of three months, patients were given either a placebo or the shot. About 25 to 75% percent of those patients went at least one month free of migraines.

"This is being studied as a preventative treatment, we're very excited about it because, the first study that was just finished has been looked at and about 16% of people went absolute for about three months with no migraine whatsoever", says Cady.

Once tested on a larger scale and if approved by the FDA, patients will finally be able to get rid of those miserable migraines, once and for all.

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