Gainesville, MO -

Runner's World magazine in an article titled, "Running Rogue" featured a Gainesville, Missouri running club in the December 2013 issue. 

The author says the article is about offbeat running communities that are growing with the help of social media.

The Idiots Running Club is a Facebook group with about 22-hundred members now. Here's how the founders describe the group on Facebook, "Everybody that runs has at least one person in their life that will call them an idiot. Just the way it is. In most cases it is probably true. Only an idiot would do the things we do. Running in the heat, cold, rain, wind or snow. On the roads, trails or treadmills. Trips/vacations are planned around running events or training schedules. We set alarms on the weekends so we can go long. Ice packs, ace bandages, foam rollers, ibuprofen, and good old DIRT can fix any injury...... Face it. You are an Idiot. Might as well join the club."

It is a closed group. But, just ask if you can join and as long as you're willing to promise not to take things too seriously and you're willing to spin around three times and spit.