State Rep. Lynn Morris, (R)-140th District, met for the first time with a special committee studying the propane shortage and resulting higher prices. House speaker Tim Jones appointed the committee. Governor Jay Nixon has established a fund to help people who depend on propane pay for it. There is $14.7 million available and up to $995 can be received by individuals.

Morris says the Missouri forecast for March continues to be colder than normal. Many users will try to stretch their supply until warmer weather. It may be tough since March demand is higher than normal. The inventory at Conway, KS continues to be at an historic low and other storage sites are at a 5-year lows.

Missouri’s average price continues to be below the national average. But the cost of propane is much higher than usual. Prices have reached as high as $6 a gallon. Morris says the committee will look at other states such as Iowa for solutions.

Morris’ staff in Jefferson City and Ozark will direct constituents to people who can help them receive financial assistance or other information. The state set aside $10 million to help Missourians with propane and all energy costs.