A man charged with barging into his neighbors' home and shooting a man and a woman cursed at the victims and accused them of stealing his medication.  Police say he then returned home and didn't seem surprised when officers came to arrest him.

Martin Arnold, 55, is charged with three counts of first-degree assault, three counts of armed criminal action, and one count of burglary.  A judge set his bond at $500,000.

Police believe Arnold broke into a home at 330 N. Fulton St. about 4 a.m. Friday and shot Starnes Bombailey Jr. and Carrie Ayers.   A second man was in the home but avoided being shot by fleeing from the living room to a bathroom.   The people in the home said Arnold  yelled, "You __________, you stole my medication," before he fired at them.

Even though Bombailey was shot, he says he managed to push Arnold out the front door after Arnold's gun malfunctioned.

A ground ambulance took Bombailey to a hospital in Springfield, where he was treated and released on Friday.   An air ambulance took Ayers to a hospital in Springfield. 

Bombailey suffered gunshot wounds to his left arm and upper chest.   Ayers suffered wounds to her chest and right arm.  She was back home on Sunday.

An officer arrested Arnold at his apartment at 309 North Street.  The officer followed foot prints in the damp grass to the apartment.  He says Arnold didn't ask why he was being detained.

In an interview at the police station on the morning of the shooting, according to the probable cause statement, a detective said Arnold acknowledged knowing Bombailey and Ayers.  He told the detective that he believed they stole his prescription pain medication.

The detective wrote that Arnold said he had been "preyed upon by his neighbors in his own home and have called the law and not been told nothing."  The probable cause statement notes Arnold filed a police report on July 8, three days before the shooting, in which he said Bombailey and Ayers had robbed and poisoned him by spraying something in his face.

Police recovered a semiautomatic handgun from Arnold's apartment after serving a search warrant.  At the home of Bombailey and Ayers, investigators recovered five spent .22-caliber long rifle shell casings in the living room.

If Arnold is convicted, he could receive three life (30-year) prison sentences for the assaults, plus a five - to 15-year sentence for burglary, and three years or more for each of the armed criminal action charges.