A man who murdered three people near Stoutland three years ago received three consecutive life prison sentences.    Circuit Judge Kenneth Hayden handed down the sentences on Tuesday, four months after he found Morris McCabe guilty.

The sentences could have run consecutively or concurrently.  Either way, McCabe, 54, of Lebanon, will not be eligible for parole for the deaths of Don Young, Don Myers and Sally Amos.


Previous report from July 9, 2013:

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- A judge ruled Tuesday that a man from Lebanon is guilty of killing two men and a woman near Stoutland.  Morris McCabe, 54, formally will learn his sentence on Nov. 12.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Hayden convicted McCabe of three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of armed criminal action for the shooting deaths of Don Young, Don Myers and Sally Amos.  They were killed in a home in rural Camden County in December 2010.

Before the ruling, McCabe's defense attorney unsuccessfully asked the judge to reconsider some evidence that had been presented during the trial.  McCabe waived his right to a trial by jury.  Hayden heard testimony and attorneys' arguments on Feb. 4 and June 17 before taking the case under advisement.

At the time of the murders of Myers, Young and Amos, McCabe had been out of prison only 10 months for a murder that he committed in 1979.  Law enforcement officers said, when McCabe was 19 years old, he was hired by a woman to kill her boyfriend, Larry Baker.  Baker was shot several times and the murder was taped on an audio recording.

During McCabe’s 30-year sentence, law enforcement officers said in 2010, he was paroled three times but sent back to prison each time for violating conditions of his parole.

Investigators said the motive for the triple murder near Stoutland had to do with McCabe's ex-girlfriend, who had also dated one of the victims -- Myers.  The woman told officers that McCabe had been threatening her family. 

The woman told police that she wanted nothing to do with McCabe, and said Myers would make sure of that.  Police say McCabe used a stolen rifle to shoot Myers and his friends, Young and Amos, who didn't know McCabe.

Camden County prosecutors did not seek death penalties so the only available sentence for first-degree murder is life in prison without chance of parole.   Armed criminal action carries a minimum sentence of three years.  The judge could make the sentences run concurrently or consecutively.