A man from Monett who is suspected of stealing cattle and farm equipment in several counties pleaded guilty to several charges in Barry County on Tuesday.  Howard Perryman, 65, faces sentences of up to five years for five crimes: four counts of receiving stolen property and one count of tampering.  Investigators say Perryman and an accomplice stole a tractor and other farm equipment in Barry County four years ago.

Perryman’s plea came as his trial was about to start.  Barry County Prosecuting Attorney Johnny Cox said the plea was not part of an agreement deal.  A judge set Perryman's sentencing hearing for June 17.

Perryman’s co-defendant, Richard Hert, pleaded guilty in 2012 for his role in the thefts.  He received seven-year concurrent prison sentences for four crimes, but is now on five years of probation after serving 120 days of shock prison time.  Officers arrested them in 2010 was they were trying to sell the stolen equipment to a police informant.

Perryman himself is somewhat notorious.  In 2013, he was arrested in Greene County and charged with stealing cattle and farm equipment after being the subject of an investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol and several sheriffs’ departments, recovering at least $100,000 in stolen property.  He was linked to a cattle theft in May 2012 in northwestern Greene County after DNA tests on a paper towel left at the scene matched Perryman’s DNA.