"You think grandparents and then parents and then it's the children and so anytime you have to say goodbye to a child and for my parents and my husbands parents, a grandchild, it just doesn't feel right" says Bruton.

Angela Bruton reflects back to the memories she carries of her son Kyle, who died on April 30th of 2010 with a extremely rare genetic disease. Chromosome 18Q minus. The disorder is caused by missing genetic material on one side of the 18th chromosome. Those affected with it have problems walking, hearing. Speaking, have heart problems and many more things.

Angela says, "his personality just exploded and everybody saw past any handicap or disability that he had".

From help paying medical bills to new braces and shoes, to even making him the Childrens Miracle Network Champion in 2005 and being a poster child for the CMN Care Mobile, Kyle had life to be remembered. A reason why a family friend and fellow church member even built a playground in his memory.

On April 30th of 2010 Kyle died from seizures and a heart problem.

His mom says that even though his death broke her heart, the folks at Cox hospital, friends and family, as well as the Children's Miracle Network really made a big impact on his life.

Something she says she grateful of, "I never saw a hospital bill because it was taken care of through our insurance and then it went through and they just took care of it, what a blessing".

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