The debate over controversial comments by the mayor could come to a head on Monday.  The Board of Aldermen will hold two special meetings at the city's fire station on Monday evening.

The first meeting is at 6:15 to accept the resignation of Alderwoman Jessica Wilson and to fill the seat vacated by Dan Clevenger when he was elected mayor two weeks ago.  The Board of Aldermen plans to appoint a replacement for Clevenger.  The public will be allowed to make comments before the vote.

The second meeting is scheduled for 6:30.  On the agenda is a request by two board members for the board to draft a response to Clevenger’s comments about white supremacist Glenn Miller, who is charged with shooting and killing three people in Overland Park, Kan., last Sunday.  The shootings were outside a Jewish Community Center and a Jewish-operated nursing home, and the victims appear to have been selected randomly.

After the shootings, Clevenger told reporters that, before Sunday, he considered Miller, who lives near Marionville, to be a friend.  Clevenger also said he agrees with some of Miller’s racist views that Jewish people have undue influence on government and the Federal Reserve, although Clevenger doesn't condone violence against Jews, black people, and other nonwhite people.   The people who Miller killed were all Christians.

After Clevenger’s comments, some citizens called for him to resign or be impeached. 

"He has no right to bring this type of embarrassment to our town the first three days in office," said Donna White, a Marionville Alderman. "This goes far behind Marionville. He's offended people all over the world."

MaryEllen Brundle, another alderman, is also concerned over the comments.

"I couldn't believe it," said Brundle. "I didn't know what to think."

White said it's "unlikely" the board would vote for impeachment, saying the process is a lengthy one. No matter what the board decides, White wants Clevenger to apologize to the people of Marionville and Jewish people.

"Marionville is a loving and welcoming town and it would be a mistake for anyone to draw conclusions about the people of Marionville based on comments from a single individual," U.S. Representative Billy Long said.

Wilson resigned on Thursday, and City Attorney Paul Link resigned on Friday, effective April 30.