Missouri agriculture economists are predicting you could be paying 50 cents more for milk by this summer.

Back in March of last year, milk cost about $19 dollars per hundred pounds, which means a barrel that farmers sell, now it's at about $25.

Springhill Dairy in Mountain Grove produces about 700 thousand gallons of milk a year. That goes into creating products for local consumers like cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

Farm owner Duncan Smith says because of inflation the cost of everything has gone up, making the actual milk gathering process more expensive, a reason why he thinks prices could be so high at the store right now.

"We actually had our entire herd dry over the winter and we purchased $5 dollar milk and as a dairy farmer when I walked to the grocery consumer case and I was like, $5 bucks and then I realized then that we do take it for granted, we do drink our own milk and I just took at for granted that basically I had an unlimited supply and counted it as zero and it's not, it costs", says Smith.

Last March costumers paid about $3 dollars a gallon, now you can expect to pay closer to the four dollar mark.

If you're interested in learning more about the milk process or buying from Springhill Dairy LLC, head on over to tonight local Farmers Market of The Ozarks.