The beginning of the new year means many things, resolutions, goals and for some in Missouri a bigger paycheck.

Georgeanna Hawkins works at the McDonalds off south National and says she's very excited about the changes. "The minimum wage, the increase, will definitely help us" says Hawkins. Minimum wage has now increased from $7.35 an hour to $7.50 an hour and that 15 cents makes a difference for some out there.

"Missouri is doing a great thing by offering $7.50 because most places are at minimum wage right now so to me it's just a really good blessing to have that because now I feel like we can actually get a head a little bit and actually feel like we're living a little bit more" says Hawkins.

Missouri's new minimum is actually 25 cents higher than the federal minimum wage. And with the increase, a new job and about 32 hours a week of work, Georgeanna says she couldn't be more grateful. "You can start out as a crew member then move up to a crew trainer which is a more increase in pay then you can move up in management so working at McDonalds, the possibilities are just so great to become someone, my goal is to become a manager at McDonalds" says Hawkins. "It's real quick and easy to move up here and it's good, I'm glad I came here to work at this great McDonalds because its cool."

The previous minimum wage of $7.35 was approved by voters in 2006.