KY3 is learning new information about leaks involving a troublesome type of plastic natural gas pipe.

You'll recall that City Utilities is spending 23-point-five million dollars to remove all Aldyl-A pipe in its system. The utility started removing the pipe after a deadly explosion in 2003 at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. We wanted to know how other utilities in Missouri are handling the problem.

Now, KY3 has learned from a Sunshine Request that The Missouri Public Service Commission is aware of other leaks of natural gas due to that same type of plastic pipe. The commission wrote in a letter that, "We have found three leak reports attributed to Aldyl-A pipe." But.. KY3 is getting very few details about those leaks... Here's why.. The commission says that, 'information obtained from third parties, such as the utilities, cannot be released except on order of the Commission.' A hearing will be held on our request for more information tomorrow. We'll provide you more details when we get a response.

This happens as a newspaper in Washington state is reporting that a utility there will spend 5 million to remove this type of plastic pipe. The newspaper reports that in December 2008, a crack in the same type of pipe caused a natural gas explosion in the state that hurt two people.