You no longer need a boat to go wakeboarding. Behind the The Ski Shack, at 5539 S. Campbell Ave, is Missouri's only wakeboarding cable park.

Louie Hill, an operator and instructor at the park considers the park also to be "Springfield's only beach."

Leading up to the 3,000-gallon man-made wakeboarding lake is sand -- piles of sand. But getting the park up and running wasn't an easy task. Owner Greg Mustian says there were some challenges.

"We started digging last year," said Mustian. "It wasn't holding water as well as we liked, plus it was kind of a muddy mess so we drained it and lined the entire pond so it makes the water a lot cleaner and helps keep the water level where it's at."

With the wakeboard lake being 600 feet long, 100 feet wide and 7 feet deep, riders are pulled by a cable system that allows them to go up to 30 miles per hour. The speed of the cable is operated by a remote control.

The manager of the park, Dustin Davis says he has to pay attention to the rider's every move. " Every time I tell a rider when they are new out here, if you going to hit anything let me know, so I can slow them down," says Davis. " For an advanced riders,  I don't have to control the speed on them it's just continuous speed the whole time."

Before hopping on the board all riders must strap on a life jacket and a helmet. Mustain says bringing this new oppertunity to Springfield will open a lot of doors for people who cant get out to the lake. "Now you don't need a boat, you don't need access to a large body of water, we have everything that you need right here."

For Hill, he says the park allows him to hone his wakeboarding skills with the different type of features he can jump off of that are offered in the lake. " You don't have all the noise of the boat and stuff like that, it pulls you up and you are just gliding over the water," says Hill.

The wakeboarding cable park opens up Saturday June 21.  It will be open 7 days a week from 9 a.m.-7 p.m.