A licensing company is trying to protect the University of Missouri Tigers logo.  It's already going after the Green Forest School District  -- but what about other schools?

The iconic Mizzou logo is very popular.  Just about everywhere you go in Missouri, you see it.  Some local schools with some similar mascots include Willard High School.

We spoke with Willard officials and they say, long before Missouri released a statement about the logo conflicts, they had a desire to update their logo.  Right now their "W" has changed to a tribal-type design, and soon after the Tiger logo will be updated as well.

Republic School District officials say their logo doesn't just look like Mizzou's, but it's identical and that they do have permission to use it.  About four to five years ago, when the district was designing the new logo, the high school athletic director was in charge of creating the new floors and scoreboards.

He says, before they put in things like the logoes in the school, he contacted MU's trademark administration department to approve the design.

"I'm very thankful we called and got permission.  We actually worked with Linda Gilbert, who was the MU administrator over trademarks at the university of Missouri," Greg Garton, athletic and activity director, said.  "We got permission to utilize it and I think we've had a -- for the most part -- very positive reaction to it and we are very thankful we did call and work with them."

The stipulations on the Republic logo included making sure there was a different color and that only the district and the school board could print the logo.  They've even had to police some local stores selling products.