CONWAY, Ark. -

In Conway, Arkansas, a mom was thrown in jail for breastfeeding at a restaurant.  The catch, she was also drinking alcohol while she was nursing.

A server turned her into police, and now that waitress has lost her job.

Waitress Jackie Connors says she witnessed Tasha Adams, 28, breastfeeding her child while ordering drink after drink, as Connors put it.  Concerned, Connors called police.

They arrived and the mom was arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor.

When Connors arrived to work later in the week, she noticed she had been taken off the schedule.

She says she was fired by the general manager for taking action into her own hands.

The on-duty manager at the restaurant said it wasn't the call to police that got Connors fired, but wouldn't elaborate.

Connors said she still can't believe what happened.

"I'm shocked that anyone would be punished for something that's supposed to be good.  I mean, no good deed goes unpunished these days," Connors said.

Police reports show the seven month old was released to family members.