A fraternity at Missouri State University is spreading a message that's contrary to some popular culture.  They're trying to break the "frat boy" stereo-type.

The guys at Theta Chi fraternity socialize and play sports together, but lately, they've been working on something more serious: themselves.

Theta Chi member John Jurss says, "Maybe we're not really being the men that we ought to be, and maybe we should look into it more and see that there's more than what our culture is telling us."

A Theta Chi national movement to address emotional, physical and relational needs is hitting home here.

"At first, it kind of sounded goofy to us, but then when John came back from a conference that he had to attend to tell us about it, I got really excited, because it  seems like a really cool thing," says Theta Chi member Bob Eberling.

Jurss says, "It's really uncomfortable to say we're not really men.  We're just a bunch of boys with a lot of toys."

This semester, on a weekly basis, they're talking about relationships.
"At first it was really awkward, and I think guys are starting to get used to it, and I think guys are actually excited for John's report now," Eberling says.

They're collecting donations for some of the victim's of our society's problems, at Harmony House domestic violence shelter.  They're also sharing what they've learned with other Greeks.  "They're actually really receptive.  It's been really cool," Eberling says.

And they're bringing in experts from L.A. to teach a free crash course in Relationships 101.  "How most of us enter relationships to fulfill this inner desire of being worth something.  So they're going to come in and say, find your worth in something bigger than a relationship, because that's too much pressure to put on a single person," says Jurss.

They hope to make a life-long impact.  Eberling says, "We don't want this to be just a Theta Chi thing.  We want this to be like a Missouri State thing and a Springfield thing."

The free event, Relationships 101, is Tuesday, April 22nd at 7PM, in the Plaster Student Union Theater on the MSU campus.  The speakers are husband and wife Kris Wolfe and Kristen Dalton Wolfe.

Kris Wolfe has an online men's magazine called Good Guy Swag.

Kristen Dalton Wolfe is a former Miss USA and has a website for women called She Is More.

Items Theta Chi is collecting for Harmony House include:

Toilet Paper/Paper Towels

Bar Soap/Body Wash



Feminine Hygiene Items

Shampoo and Conditioner

Coats, hats, gloves, boots, scarves for women and children

If you'd like to donate items through the fraternity, call 816-694-9187