Springfield, MO -

Springfield, MO: A Missouri State Graduate student is studying the role running has played in the healing from the marathon bombing tragedy.

The bomb blasts killed three people and hurt more than 260 others.

Austin Jacobs is interviewing runners who witnessed the deadly blasts. He's asking runners --- what made a difference in their emotional recovery after the terror attacks?

He says it's important to study how we treat each other after a tragedy-- and find out how we heal.

Jacobs says, "the Ozarks community of running played a big role and not only the running community... But, the community as a whole-- in healing runners coping with that pain and making a transition to normal life."

Jacobs interviewed KY3's Paul Adler and his wife  recently. The couple told Jacobs that getting involved in One Run for Boston helped them. They explained that it helped because the money raised went to help those physically hurt in the terror attacks.

Jacobs is a Master's student in the religious studies course of Religion, Media and popular culture.

He's running the Boston Marathon today.