There's not a lot left of the mural that greeted everyone coming to Park Central East.


“It really represented all the good things of urban life and in a colorful and inviting way,” stated Rusty Worley, Executive Director of the Urban Districts Alliance.


Crews renovating the McDaniel Building just washed away most of big picture, which was created close to 15 years ago.


“The mural was a great representation of downtown life.  The hustle and bustle…sidewalk cafes,” Worley explained.


When it was painted, downtown's revitalization was just starting.   The image illustrated a dream of what the center-city area could be like.


“We'd like to think it was foreshadowing of what we are experiencing today,” Worley said.

 Over the years, several more murals have been painted on buildings through the downtown area.

“It creates a great sense of authenticity and place about your community, so you being to identify with those pieces,” stated Leslie Forrester, Executive Director of the Springfield Regional Arts Council


Project by project, the 'prediction' highlighted in the mural has come true. Downtown is again a popular place to live, shop, and work.


“There is more sure footing and more projects are willing to move forward,” explained Worley.


The historic McDaniel Building is currently being remodeled into a student housing complex called “The U.”



Developers with The Vecino Group say they tried to save the image.  But they couldn't make it happen because of problems with the underlying brick and mortar.


In recent days, the flaking and faded image was blasted away so the wall can be rebuilt.