Newly revealed court documents show a man whose body was found in Table Rock Lake on Sunday, Sept. 29, likely was killed on the night of Thursday, Sept. 26.   Also Monday, a third person was charged in connection with the murder of Daniel Martin Jr.

A judge on Monday unsealed the probable cause statements for Annmarie Patrick and Justin Tuttle, the two people charged last week with murdering Martin.   The documents were sealed because the Stone County prosecuting attorney told a judge that it would hamper the continuing investigation if they were public.   Prosecutor Matt Selby said they could be released on Monday after Daniel Compton was charged with tampering with physical evidence.

The probable cause statements against Patrick and Tuttle show that Patrick was Martin’s girlfriend and Tuttle was a close acquaintance of Martin and Patrick.  It says the three of them drove to the lake near Lampe in Martin’s truck and Tuttle told Patrick not to “freak out” because something was going to happen.   The statements say Martin was then killed, his body was weighted down in the lake, and Tuttle and Patrick drove away.  

The statements do not say how Martin died or why he was killed.  The statements have typographical errors that make them read as if Martin was killed on Sept. 22, but Selby said investigators believe the murder was on the night of Sept. 26.   

Patrick and Tuttle are in the Stone County jail in lieu of $1 million bonds.  They’re charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. 

Daniel Compton

Compton (above) is charged with evidence tampering because investigators believe he hid Martin’s truck in Boone County, Ark., at the bottom of a large ravine near Omaha.    Someone who lives near the ravine spotted the truck and called the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.   Compton was in jail in lieu of a $30,000 bond on Monday.