After weathering the negative publicity and headlines about stalking and harassing her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Nadia Cavner begins a new chapter in her personal and professional portfolio.

Lawing Financial, based in Overland Park, Kan., acquired approximately $300 million in assets managed by Cavner for her Springfield-area clients.  Cavner is now a consultant for  Lawing, which has locations across the Midwest and West.  

In a personal letter mailed to her customers  late last week, Cavner assured them that her offices will remain open with no changes in staff.  Lawing also said, in a prepared statement about the acquisition, its offices in Springfield and staff will continue operating in a separate location.

Last summer, the well known philanthropist, Democratic Party fundraiser, and friend of the Dalai Lama, was sentenced to five years probation in federal court in Memphis for interstate stalking.  Her plea bargain stemmed from anonymous letters, phone calls, threats, and surveillance by private investigators after her daughter's breakup while she was a student at Emory University. 

Cavner's defense attorney described her as "an overprotective mother."  Patrick McFarland, who was the target, filed a civil suit in November, 2013, seeking $500,000 in damages.