NIXA, Mo. -

A new Station 5 will be built in the northern part of the Nixa Fire Protection District, which is a fast growing area.  It's near Highway AA at Nichols Road.   That's about five miles north of the district's headquarters.  The land for the station cost about $169,000.

The location will help serve the third highest call volume area in the district. With Station 1's area growing, the new station will help with the excess.

The assistant chief says the station will drop response times to the area five minutes or less.

"The bottom of James River to the north part of Nixa, there are a lot of commercial, large commercial that has limited water, limited hydrant areas, so getting this truck, this engine there in two to three minutes just helps a lot in stopping those fires and preventing them in the future," said assistant fire chief Whitney Weaver.

The fire district hopes to have the station open within two years, but they might have to put a bond issue before voters to help pay for it.