There of lots of pressures that can add to the stress of a teenager.  Some mental health experts have surveyed teens on how they deal with stress.

What they discovered is those coping behaviors could have negative consequences into adult-hood.  It's the pressures of school that seem to stress teenagers out the most.  

According to Dr. Norman Anderson, President of the American Psychological Association, "we need to take stress in teenagers very seriously.."   The association has released a new survey revealing high stress levels among teens, especially during the school year.

"Those adolescents who report high levels of stress are also reporting high levels of anxiety, high levels of anger, high levels of irritability," said Dr. Anderson.
These teens are not sleeping well,  and they're trying to cope by eating junk food or skipping meals. They're also focusing on sedentary activities, like watching t-v and playing video games... the exact opposite of proven stress relievers.

Researchers say according to the survey teenagers know they felt better doing those more active activities - especially exercise - that it was a great way for them to manage stress.  They just weren't doing it. 

Stressed-out, unhealthy teens often turn into stressed-out, unhealthy adults.   Experts say that in the long term, stress can lead to depression and increase the risk for chronic illnesses .. including heart disease... high blood pressure and Type-2 Diabetes.

Experts say parents can help by talking to their kids about stress... and model healthy coping mechanisms like exercise and eating a healthy diet.