Becoming a parent in our tech-savvy world has its perks.  A new one is the Newborn Channel now offered at Mercy Hospital Springfield.

Little Faith Hobbs -– all of three pounds, two ounces -- came into the world 10 weeks early.

“She looks a lot like her older sisters,” said mom Joann Hobbs.

Faith is Hobbs’ sixth child, but she doesn't call herself a pro.

“To diaper a little thing like this is worse than a doll.  She's so tiny.  You just wonder if you are doing it right all over again,” she said.

Thanks to the Newborn Channel, Hobbs is getting vital information about taking care of her preemie.

“The whole new setup is amazing,” she said.

The network delivers newborn and parenting tips.

“They can order it up like a menu in their room,” said Murray.

Consider it Baby on Demand.  New parents can watch from their hospital rooms, computers, or even on their phones.  More than 40 programs give tips on how to take care of a newborn baby, including diapering, bathing and breastfeeding.

Nurses say they can now do more than just demonstrate how-to information.

“Now she can go home and go back and watch those videos on how to bathe her baby,” said Murray.  “Sometimes, after you go home might be a better time to learn.”

Hobbs has faith her little girl will grow and be able to come home soon.

“She's a feisty little girl.  She is.  They keep telling me the feisty ones do the best, so we are okay with that,” said Hobbs.

The Newborn Channel also covers safety topics like car seats, second hand smoking and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

CoxHealth offers a similar program called TIGR Patient Video, but it's not mobile.