The Nixa school district is hoping voters will approve a $9.5 million bond issue in next month's election.  It would bring major improvements and new safety measures to Nixa Junior High.

Students and staff see the crowding at every class change in a building that was once big enough to serve as Nixa's high school.  "As it became the junior high, class sizes were in the 300 to 350 range, it was fairly adequate.  Well, now class sizes are in the 400 to 450 range, and we have almost 900 kids in this school," says David Liss of Nixa Public Schools.

The school is hoping for a new, larger cafeteria and commons area.  They also hope to cut back on mobile classrooms. 

Teachers hope for added space, for example, in science classrooms.
"We carry a lot of very expensive equipment, and the students are responsible for delivering that to their lab groups and then back to the location where we store the equipment, and when the classrooms are very crowded, that causes difficulty," says science teacher Carol Ann Neely.

One of the improvements needed at the Junior High is a secure entrance, where visitors would have to go through two sets of doors and check in at the office before getting into the school.  "In the meetings that I've been in, they're wondering why we haven't done it up to this point," says Liss.

"That would make me and all of the students feel completely safe," says Neely.

The bond issue would also pay for a FEMA safe room at the Junior High, as well as one at Nixa High School.  The district reminds voters the bond issue won't raise the tax levy.  Liss says it will remain at $4.31 whether the bond issue passes or fails.

"The only thing we're going to the voters to do is ask for accessing the accumulated funds in that capacity," Liss says.

Of the $9.5 million dollars, more than $7 million would go toward improvements at the Junior High.

To learn more about the proposed projects, visit the Nixa Public Schools website here.