A traditional business staple is getting a 21st Century update in Arkansas. Secretary of State Mark Martin announced Wednesday that Arkansas is implementing electronic notarization of documents.

“We are offering this option to help Arkansas business owners conduct operations more efficiently and economically,” Martin said. “By electronically notarizing documents, procedures can be completed quickly, even if the parties of a transaction are miles apart, and without the expense of printing or mailing paper.”
The Secretary of State’s office is offering the commission enhancement to notaries public who are already in good standing.

“We do require training for e-notaries, to ensure that they understand the process,” Martin said. “For example, this is not remote notarization; the notary must still physically witness the signature.”

Notaries must submit an application form and, upon approval, register for the free e-notary training. The application is available on th Secretary of State’s website, at

“One of my primary goals for this program was that it involve minimal cost to both the taxpayers and the notary,” Martin said. “I believe we have met that goal, and I am very pleased that we can offer this service. I look forward to seeing this initiative grow in Arkansas.”