A Springfield police officer broke his leg in a scuffle with a man his was trying to arrest Friday morning. The police department reports two officers were responding to a call of a suspicious person at a trailer park in the 1700 block of East Caravan.

Officers made contact with the man, who they say claimed that his girlfriend's grandmother lives there. The man was sitting on an approximate 4-foot retaining wall and told officers he had a knife.

Officers took the knife and were going to handcuff him and arrest him for the warrant, when the man allegedly began to resist and fight with Officer Brandon Penrose. Officer Justin Thorn came to assist. During the fight, Penrose and the subject fell off the retaining wall. Thorn was assisting and jumped off the wall, breaking his leg.

Backup arrived and took the man into custody. He was arrested for his outstanding warrant as well as assault on a law-enforcement officer. Police identify the man as Nathaniel A. Brown. Thorn is at a hospital, and Penrose is being treated for back pain at a local urgent care.