In a matter of months, construction crews will transform the golf course at Old Kinderhook into a destination resort.

"We're trying to create some amenities to try to attract families and to try to get people to come here year round," said executive director Bob Renkan.

The Lodge will feature 84 rooms, an indoor pool, a marina, an ice rink and a conference center that seats up to 250 people.

"Right now, our amenities are limited to our great golf course, but obviously in January that's not very attractive, so, by adding the indoor pool, by adding the ice skating rink, the outdoor ice skating rink, it's going to give people a reason to come here in January, and the key to success in business in this area is to expand that season.  Anything you do in January and February and December is all a plus," said Renkan.

The new resort is just one of many new additions to the lake town, including a recently new grocery store, more shopping centers, including a sporting goods store, and a new movie theater that will open in a matter of days.  Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce executive director Trish Creach says the whole area is really booming because of the central Missouri location.

"It will provide additional opportunities and selection for those that are coming in for conventions, those that are coming in for just leisure travel and those that just want to get away for a long weekend.  We not only see, by complementing this experience, we will have more overnight stays as well as extending the stay for those visitors that come to lake of the Ozarks," said Creach.

The Lodge will create up to two dozen new jobs.  Developers hope to have it open a year from now.

"It just reinforces everything we thought was true, that there is truly growth coming, that the economy is turning around, that people are hungry for a place like this to go, and now it's really encouraging to see that happening," said Renkan.