While many Missourians are sick and tired of snow, there's one man in Kansas City who welcomes every new flake that falls.

Most winters, Mike Moore plows snows for family, friends, and neighbors, all at no charge. But this year, he's hoping to get something in return for clearing away the snow. Moore is working to raise money for his childhood friend, who faces serious medical issues and mounting debt.

Nick Crewse had surgery to repair a hole in his heart. Then there were complications from a blood clot. "Nick had a stroke in December. He subsequently had a lengthy hospital stay, and he had medical bills that accrued from that. He has insurance, but insurance doesn't cover everything," said Moore.

Moore uses his time and tools to plow people's driveways in return for a donation to help pay his Nick's medical bills. Word of Moore's efforts spread through social media. After a big storm, Moore will clear up to 40 driveways in a day.